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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Super Stylists- Simon Foxton, Nicola Formichetti, Robbie Spencer (wrote this in 2009)

When it comes to styling, i see that the work the individual conjures can generally be put into the following movements, Minimalistic, Maximilisitic, Realist and Surrealist. All the goods & greats can cross and enter one movement & exit another with ease, but with each great artist they have their comfort zones & the signatures they are known for.

Simon Foxton- Signatures
- Street Casting,using non professional
models, using ethnic minorities since he first began over 20 years ago.

Simon's work
has a natural approach to it, just like the boys he uses. Never one to
succumb to trends he has always set his own rules. I believe Simon's work to fall perfectly in the realist category. The way he styles is so easy for the average style conscious man to adapt his work from the pages to their wardrobes.

Nicola Formichetti- Signatures- finding & using fashion's next big things from models(Ash & Luke), designers( Gareth Pugh, Cassette Playa, Kim Jones,Jaiden rva James,Romain Kremer, Gary Card,) photographers( Matt Irwin, Brett Lloyd), even stylists(Kim Howells, Sam Voltage, Anna Trevelyan)
Nicola prefers his models slight
but not too slight of frame. He doesn't follow trends but sets them where he goes others follow. whether it be his latest muse or the clothes on them or the person who shoots them, When he talks fashion
listens. Nicola's work is usually surrealist perfect for fashions eccentrics, very high & fashion forward.

Robbie Spencer-

Robbie's work is quite natural, calm & composed, his models are usually boyishly good looking and slim and toned. His work is very artistic and deep rooted in culture usually referencing some form of culture from arts, music and film. Robbie's work

fits perfectly in the minimalist movement, his hair & makeup is usually quite relaxed & often letting the cut & fit of the garment above all do the talking.

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