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Friday, 14 January 2011


Is an interesting film in its technique of being shot in one setting, a studio where the set is bare and most things are drawn in with labels or with noises that illustrate when an object is in use such as a door opening or a ground being raked.

The story of Grace (Nicole Kidman) arriving in a mountain town in American on the run from gangsters causes a small town to unite and protect her but at what cost?.

Grace is soon turned into a slave working for all the residents to earn her keep, yet she is happy to do so and be accepted by the small tight knit community.

Yet only for the while is the town calm, Grace is an object, something new and different, in a place where things don't happen often. A series of events occur in which the residents begin to exert their control over her, forcing her to do things outside of her will. Rape occurs and soon becomes a regular occurrence by the men, the women begin to mistrust her and hate her due to the fact their fathers, sons and husbands lust after her and that they are no longer the centre of attention.

It shows that a small town can be as corrupt or even more so then that of a city, the residents act like they are gracious and pure, yet hide their evil actions and intentions through veiled acts.

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