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Monday, 17 September 2012

Blind Hope

Smoke more than before two packs a day why what’s up can’t you just say, you choke and laugh at unfunny jokes, instead of all this and the games you play there’s nothing standing in your way, I’m used to your presence but don’t mean that it’s a present or gift you no longer give me that boost or lift Drink a lot of liquor is to deal & cope or to give you blind hope, so you can’t find the truth see the evidence or proof, the roofs caving in the line is wearing thin, you can’t deny the distress we’re in the mess and stress we’ve caused, its paused we’re not moving forward but it seems we’re moving on Time is running slow, we both know someone’s got to go there’s no hitting rewind or pause it’s on fast forward to place in the dark where we know there’s shattered hearts there’s no return to the start, Too much confusion I’m waiting for the fall but somehow I keep giving my all there’s no mend or pretend that we can repair the one beating heart, I care but know in truth we need to prepare to take the dive as this isn’t living I barely feel alive, the signals on show mess up your mind, warnings of danger having to cruel to be kind

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