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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sometimes I forget

I truly love this picture it was shot by Nick Knight for I-D magazine's 30th anniversary and in collaboration with Showstudio, 200 portraits were commissioned to be shot to celebrate individuals who were being individuals in the cultural world.

Here Rasharn & I were shot with three models wearing our youth by youth collection, each model represents a demon, a challenge in what at that time we faced and in many respects still face to this day.

1. was our youth a collection created by youth (23 & 19) which we sacrificed in order to work in an industry we love one obsessed by the young & beauty yet ruled by the old & fragile, where opportunity for new energy is there but rare.

2- Was race at the time we experienced people who couldn't get past our skin tone and labelled as urban or was surprised when we turned up at events or ran down the catwalk struggles not only we alone face but minorities in general from the lack of diversity with the models who wear the garments on catwalks to those names who create them.

3- Was an uncertain future with finances strained and struggling to the point of bankruptcy we knew that soon we would have to abandon the label and had already made plans to create a magazine, insiders on insider but still looking from a distance.

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