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Friday, 16 July 2010

Alot of my friends think James Franco is hot, a lot of them think he's cool, in all honesty I know not much about him except he is a writer/artist/film maker/actor and have not seen much of his work in any of the things he does, the only film I've seen with him in it is Milk and well Spiderman and I don't think you have to act to be in films like Spiderman, rumours are plenty he is gay, so what, reinforcing those rumours is the fact he has a penchant for gay roles and here we are again another gay role playing Allen Ginsberg in Howl, we all know one of Hollywood's last taboo's is being a gay heart throb I personally think it's ridiculous and await the day with bated breath that someone any one half decent looking steps forward and becomes an icon of gay males for a generation someone to aspire to.