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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dear Wendy

Slowly grew on me as I watched it and it slowly pulled me in, I thought that the film was mainly about the darkness within us all how objects of destruction can give power to the powerless, outsiders such as these who through the weapons find mutual interest and form a band of outsiders, it took an outsider from the outside to be brought inside and awaken the more sinister meaning of a weapon and unravel the groups manifesto which like all manifestos is full of holes and contradiction, it being set in a small american miners town where there is not much to do for a teenage, it also adds the western style feel to the end of the film with the cops shooting the bad guys and the cat and mouse techniques used what brings it to modern day is the matrix style effect in which the bullet entering the body is shown and the damage it does as well as the line of fire shot from the dandies gun shown how it hits the police men. The first person narrative is cool and the film overall with its weird story is different and sometimes difference is good and this case it remains good not able to exceed to great

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