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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

News of the abolishment of the UK Film Council actually made me feel sick, I am first and foremost angry and saddened that Jeremy Hunt the culture Secretary has decided to pull the plug on a institution that is so obviously needed, lets be honest British Films are a rarity, do we really need them to become more rare?. I understand the costs of making films is up there and for some who are not film fanatics may find it hard to justify how large amounts of money are injected into single film projects but quality does cost and not everything can be done on a shaky digi cam with a tape recorder and lamp shade. I don't know what this means but it just seems for me that Britih film has taken a step back, I also wonder what will happen to so many unfinished projects still reliant on promised money, will they fall to the side and be ignored like the so many school repairs and the scheduled BFI expansion. All the coalition has done so far to justify the cuts on anything seemingly unfair is blame the previous government for creating a black hole, of course I have to admit that Labour overspent but was this the price in being too fair?. This will cause a lot of uproar and I can only hope Hunt reconsiders or forms something stronger than the Film Council which was created by the previous Government and allocates lottery money to Film makers, how will people cope with just BBC Films and Film 4 the last hope for an industry that is already struggling. I am already tired of this Government and feel the country is becoming one that is populated by rich and a place where only they can survive, I don't want to go into the issue of housing and homelessness that the UK suffers from slashing of benefits to cutting funding on various projects whilst we have the mayor spending vast amounts on schemes and new transport such as the ridiculous bike scheme to the replacement of Bendy buses in a time when money is scarce(lets not forget it was Ken who set about reforming the east London line the only thing I am yet to praise). I am scared of what next the abolishment of the British Fashion Council?

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