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Monday, 19 July 2010

Elephant by Alan Clarke

Apparently one of Korine's fave films and where Van Sant got the title for Elephant

A film or short where absolutely nothing happens but a series or compilation of shootings, seemingly random

The camera lingers on the murdered bodies for at least 40 seconds it helps the viewer to adjust to the random act of violence that has been committed
The first spoken word is at 17 minutes although brief,

There is a stillness prior to every shooting the anticipation of waiting for a violent act to befall these people who are in some cases just walking down the street, walking in the park or playing football it is in these cases where the victim is first on screen rather than the victor that the stillness and waiting are abruptly put to an end opposed to the killer who commits the crime and is seen from their angle which is less spontaneous

The final shot being the most explicit with a shot to the head

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