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Sunday, 11 July 2010

So right now I am having a love in with the BFI Flipside which I am going to write about in length for the next issue of RE-BEL, why? Because I love British films and the 60's and weird and wonderful, controversial at the time and by some standards still controversial today. I am so happy to actually have these and will be able to reference them as yes some are that good.


Eudald said...

Hey! whenever I go to Fopp, I always see these films and I am very tempted to buy them! Please, you must write about them in your blog! I think I will end up buying them all too :P
cheers in advance!

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

Yeah they are pricey but worth it i will review each one as well but do a massive write up on a whole for RE-BEL