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Sunday, 25 July 2010

I don't actually know why or how this happened but I think its since Boris V Ken, that I became interested in politics, I simply see it as although fashion, art, music, film are my main interests they can only reflect the times and sometimes help shape them but it is politics that have the power to change them.

Enough said on that, I've also become an avid reader of the Guardian and use its website to keep me informed on the going ons in the wider world as well as the cultural one.

At present there is a hoo-ha about Channel 5 and it being bought out by Richard Desmond who owns celeb trash mag OK!and the Daily Express amongst others. He has already said he plans to revive Big Brother after channel 4 has ditched it and Top of the pops style after the BBC Finally extinguished the original, Does all Desmond plan to do is cherry pick the cast off's of others.

It's not hard for Channel Five to carve out an id of their own, not just an outlet for the various CSI's and Aussie shows such as Home and Away & Neighbours but to create fresh and original exciting drama's and this is what baffles me, to me its not hard for the channel to be unique, simply offer viewers what they want , focus on the specific demograph the channel overall wants to target or do as 4 does so well and create multi level programs aimed at a diverse range of people.

As Sad as it is people love Celeb gossip and in the case of OK!, the Celebs in question are not really Celebs they are just people groomed, styled and packaged as Celebs in order to create content, I honestly think hiring decent presenters to present a half decent show aimed at teens that incorporates the going ons of the world from possibly a hit US TV show, A celeb show(sad as it is) , A decent fashion programme that actually talks about high fashion and presented by credible people within the industry as it is something that has not been explored to deeply or correctly since the clothes show. Of course there is the educational programmes, News, Art shows, docs, debates, talk shows etc that could be enticing and different from the other channels and what they already offer.

I am mainly concerned about my age group 16-34 is not represented by the channels well enough and there is a big enough gap in which 5 can successfully fill. Will it? probably not and all this is just wishful thinking.

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