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Friday, 16 July 2010

Things I did/ brought today

So I went Serpentine to see Wolfgang Tillmans never been and did get lost and frustrated in hype park, but the show was cool and Tillmans use of capturing the world a round him with what it seems little effort amazes me, his abstracts are what I truly love as to me they are nothing more then accidental beauty. Afterwards I purchased some post cards of his work and it amazes me that I picked unintentionally the most homo erotic and sexual ones on display, it says a lot about me and my tastes and that I love provocative works and I always say there is a darkness in me that i lean towards really dark works. Like Sally Mann's work I was most interested in the beauty found in darkness her images of decomposing bodies blew me away, I find what happens to the body after death natural and captivating and this series displayed at the photographers gallery caught me more than any other of work.


Anonymous said...

the pictures are from a magazine?

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

all pics are taken by me, if your talking about those on the magazine they are postcards from wolfgangs exhibit x