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Friday, 2 July 2010

Andrew Garfield is set to be the new spider man, in the few performances i've seen from him he delivers each time. Being a fan of Jamie Bell who was also lined up for this, i perfer Garfield than Bell as this could make or break ones career and Bell is a talent I admire hugely and I wait for his break out role and to garner the attention he so deserves, Aaron Johnson another who was lined up, I like Johnson a lot but having not seen Nowhere Boy, Chatroom or Kickass each completely different each being hailed as brilliant performances, I would prefer to see Johnson grow and at 20 would it of been a wise move to be type cast as Peter Parker so early on in his career? This is great for Garfield who at 27 is at a perfect age to move his career forward and showcase his skills on a global stage, this movie seems quite interesting 3D, Good director and now great actor

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